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2. November 2001.

PRINTSELF Printing Service Provider and Commercial Co. Ltd.
Váci út 31., H-1047 Budapest, Hungary
Phone: +(36-1)399-1010    Fax: +(36-1)390-1011
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Our printing house works with the most up-to-date materials, being aware of that excellent printing quality can only be acquired and maintained with material of outstanding quality. Therefore

We use the best French, Finnish, Swedish and Austrian art papers available.
As offset papers we apply first-rate quality products by Neusidler.
Creative papers are obtainable in any optional quality according to our clients` needs (Rives, Conqueror, Sagitta, Rokoko, Royal Quadrant etc.)
Should special needs arise, we are ready to print manuals, instructions or labels on UV-, light-, oil-, and water-resistant Synteape papers as well as on SAL-80 self-adhesive papers.
Hartmann printing ink and Neuber additives assure perfect colour fidelity and excellent quality.

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