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2. November 2001.

PRINTSELF Printing Service Provider and Commercial Co. Ltd.
Váci út 31., H-1047 Budapest, Hungary
Phone: +(36-1)399-1010    Fax: +(36-1)390-1011

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Our printing house is able to complete all tasks concerning the printing industry. From the submission of the manuscript until the delivery of the printed material we are entirely at our clients` disposal in every respect. Our departments are ready to meet your needs in any field of the printing industry.  

Typesetting, making-up on personal computers, image setting of monochrome materials with 1200 dpi up to size B/2, graphic design, colour separation process on site. Preprocessed materials and graphics may be submitted on floppy, A:drive, and ZIP discs or hard drive.
up to size B/2,
Black and white and colour, up to size B/2, automatic film development, image setting of plates, plate development up to size B/2
Colour printing machine:

5 werks, equipped with dryer
for format B/3
Colour printing machine:


2 werks, for format B/3
Two-colour printing machine:

2 werks, for format B/2
Monochrome printing machine:

1 werk, for format B/3
The entire range of activities related to bindary are covered: folder, stitcher, collating, unsewn binding, biegeling, scratching, laminating are available on the spot while punching and plastic covering are available at our partners.

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