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Last updated:
2. November 2001.

PRINTSELF Printing Service Provider and Commercial Co. Ltd.
Váci út 31., H-1047 Budapest, Hungary
Phone: +(36-1)399-1010    Fax: +(36-1)390-1011

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NEW!     A book hit entitled
Isten éltessen „CSÁSZÁR” (Long Live the EMPEROR)
for 60. birthday of Albert Flórián, one of the most famous Hungarian football players, was published on 29. August 2001. under the auspices of Printself Ltd.

Isten éltessen „Császár”
The "Albert-book" can be ordered through the Internet,
or purchased at Printself Ltd. at a price of
HUF 2990,–
(not including delivery)! (The retail price of the book is: 3950 HUF)


Colour fliers
are prepared for you by

within a day!

You bring in your film in the morning and by the evening you can take away the prepared material!

Bright colours and perfect quality are assured by the

[5-colour Heidelberg PRINTMASTER
printing machine]

NEW!   5-colour Heidelberg PRINTMASTER equipped with dryer

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The staff of Printself Printing House welcomes you at our company`s webpage! Take advantage of our special offer!  
Please read the information on our company and contact us with your price quote or order! We invite you to our company seat providing good car parking possibilities!

Dr. Árpád Kassay                  
managing director of Printself Printing House.

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Includes everything from spelling to making-up rules!

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