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2. November 2001.

PRINTSELF Printing Service Provider and Commercial Co. Ltd.
Váci út 31., H-1047 Budapest, Hungary
Phone: +(36-1)399-1010    Fax: +(36-1)390-1011

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We are a medium-size printing house, which provides us with great flexibility in meeting our customers's needs, at the same time our technology allows us to manufacture a wide variety of products. Furthermore, we are equipped with a digital printing-machine in our Digital Press that ensures flexibility and quick service. Our chief products are:

Colour brochures, annual reports, fliers on art and creative paper
Newspapers, magazines printed in colour, black-and-white or additional colour
Books with adhesive binding or with thread stitching according to your requirements
Presentations, folders with punched or glued blurb, glossy or matt plastic cover, punched, enamelled, with blind blocking according to your requirements
Labels for the canning industry, stick-on labels, scratched in sheets according to your requirements
Business forms on IDEM duplicating paper, with IDEM gluing in blocks numbered and perforated, printed in different colours on duplicating papers of different colour
Letter paper, cards on any paper and in any finish
Drawn boxes for packaging from cardboard, also enamelled or covered in plastic
Postcards plastic-covered or ordinary
Posters up to size B/2 in any finish
Wall and office calendars, forwarding calendars also in spiral-bound finish, with heading customised to your company name and logo

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